Adventures of a Substitute Teacher Pt. 1

11/04/2013 I'm Just Sayin...

69284d82-1b84-4d99-a5f8-1ab86c75e653...So I'm going into my second week of substitute teaching. I've noticed (even since my childhood) that not many people have respect for subs, especially kids, but subs have my Utmost Respect!

It's hard to deal with today's kids & teens.  There's no prayer in school, and they no longer get paddled.  Well... let's think about this.  Why are there so many behavioral incidents in school and in homes these days?  It's simple! Spare the rod... Spare the child.

Man, these chaps right here... right here these chaps... some of them are simply O.C. (Out of Control)!!!  They literally have no respect for adults, are selfish, and just show out in class for whatever reason they want to.  It's no longer safe to assume that these actions are for NO reason whatsoever.  There is a reason behind

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How BIG Are Your Dreams?

10/01/2013 I'm Just Sayin...

Christine Szredey Photo SHoot 051How BIG are your dreams?

Are they BIG enough to be thought of as crazy? Unaccomplishable? Impossible? If not, then your dreams may not be BIG enough!  God appreciates BIG faith! He's a BIG God, but oh ye of little faith... you're showing your doubt in God and in yourself by having small dreams. Let me explain... when you set low goals that you already KNOW you're going to reach, in a way, you're CHEATING GOD BIG TIME!

Remember... your Faith is your investment in God! If it's REAL faith, having a BIG dream wont bring fear to your heart.  God will appreciate it, show up, and show out!  Otherwise, God might just shake his head in disgust. Shame on you for your fear and your lack of faith.  I say all of that to say this... do not be afraid to increase the size of your dreams! I feel

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10/01/2013 I'm Just Sayin...

timmiMAGBlogging is important for those who are famous on the Internet... yet I haven't blogged in a hot minute. I'll be even more honest... I haven't even touched my own website in a hot minute. I have been neglecting it and if I'm neglecting it, I'm neglecting myself and my friends.  So... I promise that I will try to do better. Oh and don't forget to check out!!!

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I was not Hazed! I was Disciplined!

09/21/2012 I'm Just Sayin...

64614_1549356487719_3324844_n I'm starting to think that PARENTS are the reason many HBCU marching bands are LAME these days! You can't expect people to HAND something to your child just because you do! How do you expect your child to get some discipline in their life if you're not doing it at home in the first place... up here sending these spoiled chern to march in somebody's college band? Really? DISCIPLINE! That's what BAND is for! Well it used to be. BUT Nowadays, people are misconstruing Discipline for Hazing!
Dont get me wrong! I truly feel sorry for the family of Robert Champion, but I've noticed that his death is even causing band directors, drum majors, and section leaders to slack up on the amount of mental and physical discipline that a college bandsman SHOULD have... all of this because of some spoiled

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Who is TimberlyK?

07/22/2012 About

timbofosho1No need to wonder anymore.  TimberlyK is "The Way!"  She's got the Quand, the Juice, the Swag, & the Juice!  The Business-Minded Entertainer is an allstar of the Music, Fashion, and Entertainment Industries.  She uses her Master of Science in Entertainment Business (MBA) to educate, empower, consult, promote, and expose the undiscovered talent that she finds. She also recruits models and artists top talent agencies and record labels in the United States. TimberlyK KNOWS Talent, because she IS Talent! Discover her world and Find out more on how TimberlyK may be able to help you and/ or your business grow!

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